About Betsy

Betsy was born in the USA where she enjoyed an active and outdoor lifestyle. She went to Scotland in 1978 on a university student exchange. After graduating from the University of Stirling Betsy returned to the USA and worked before embarking on 3,300 mile cycle across the USA. Returning to Scotland in 1982 she and her husband set up a stained glass studio and sold antiques and collectibles.

In the early 90s Betsy began to develop her career in health and fitness. Training initially as a Yoga teacher, Betsy went on to gain qualifications in Massage, Aromatherapy, Yoga Therapy and Classical Pilates, and she completed her MSc in Health Promotion in 2006.

Betsy now has over 20 years’ experience improving the health and fitness of her classes and clients and her work has encompassed all ages and abilities. She has taught Yoga and Pilates in schools and workplaces and her teaching career has spanned Scotland, England, the USA and, most recently, Guernsey.

Betsy moved to Guernsey in 2012 where she set up her business, The Bespoke Approach. She had a very successful 2 years teaching Yoga and Pilates group classes across the island and developing a growing client base for her private sessions, before returning to the UK.  

Betsy has recently moved to Goring on Thames in Oxfordshire. Her passion to teach Yoga and Pilates continues to grow and she has group classes in Goring, Woodcote and Goring Heath currently on offer.

Betsy recognises that Everybody is unique and that Every Body is unique. In her private sessions Betsy offers her clients a personalised programme tailored to their individual needs using Pilates, Yoga or a blend of both disciplines.

Whether Betsy is working with groups or individuals, her teaching style reflects her bespoke approach to a holistic lifestyle.

Betsy can be easily recognised in East Lothian when she’s out and about in her purple Fiat 500 which advertises The Bespoke Approach.

If you would like more information on any of the classes that are available, please don’t hesitate to Contact Betsy on 07922 439 165 with any questions.