“Betsy was a wonderful addition to our team of class Instructors at our fitness club. Her bespoke professional approach to Pilates and her passion and knowledge was outstanding. We really miss having her as part of our team.”
The Barn Fitness Club


“I have so appreciated all of your classes and learn so much – you will be really missed. Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and really clear inspirational teaching. You have helped me achieve a level of core strength and fitness I would not have believed possible when starting Pilates later in life. I do hope you will settle quickly into your new life in Scotland and will quickly establish your classes there. We will all really miss you here. With very many thanks…”


“You have been inspirational. My back and ankle have noticeably improved and I am now convinced to do Pilates in the future. Thank you!”


“Thank you for the session today. Oddly enjoyable! You are an astounding teacher and enabler. I have always been a bit wary of allowing folk to witness my weird hip up close. You, however, have made it all easy to do…not ALL the exercises, I hasten to add. Some of them are quite demanding! I am sad to see you leave.”

Ann, age 80

“I am desperately sorry that you, Betsy, will be leaving as I felt that I really benefited from my classes with you. I have multiple back problems but you always, sympathetically, found a way to help me tackle the exercises on the Pilates Reformer. Not only did that make me feel fitter but also, there is no doubt, my mobility and ability greatly improved. Also my energy levels increased and I always left your classes feeling much younger – that cannot be bad! Betsy is a lovely lady and I will miss her and her classes.”


Diana, age 89 – 65+ Pilates

“Ode to Betsy… Seven ladies lying on the lawn, legs aloft, just like newly borns, none too young and some too old, but keen as mustard and oh so bold. We’re sad to see dear Betsy go and gathered here to tell her so. And now this class are come together to see her off to the Scottish heather.


Judy, age 78 – 65+ Pilates

I have greatly enjoyed the weekly Pilates for 65+ classes with Betsy. They were beneficial to my overall health and strength while being good fun because of Betsy’s sympathetic understanding of the difficulties of older bodies and her good sense of humour. She never makes one feel inadequate. I am very sorry that the classes have to end because of her relocation.


Lorna, age 80

A few months ago I had a private lesson from Betsy to learn something about Pilates and have been going regularly ever since. It is a great exercise and, helped by her fantastic “Reformer”, within my capabilities. My walking has improved and my body seems more flexible. I have really enjoyed the lessons. Betsy makes them varied and fun (we always manage a laugh too!). She is a lovely, charismatic lady, enthusiastic about her work and very encouraging. Good luck Betsy – I and all your other pupils will miss you a lot. If it’s too cold in Scotland, please come back!



Pilates with Betsy in Goring was just great and I am very sad that she has moved! Her classes are always highly professional, with close attention to the needs of individuals. Betsy is so supportive of her students; she really does build confidence and allow you to progress at the rate that is best for you. Wishing you all the best for Scotland!

A very satisfied customer in Goring


“Betsy has been a real joy for the Members of our Tuesday and Wednesday lunch clubs. She helps them to improve their fitness in ways which are fun. Everyone warms to her because of her understanding of the needs and limitations of the older person, and because of her caring, kind and engaging ways. She quickly builds a rapport with people and at the same time shows a very professional approach to everything she does. In fact we are going to miss her visits greatly and we know she will be very hard to replace. So we have no hesitation whatever in recommending Betsy to you. You will not be disappointed. When can we have her back!!”

Goring Lunch Club

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