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Return of live classes!

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Beginners Pilates




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Private Sessions

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A summary of what each class offers is below…

Beginner Pilates (no props) – a general level class, ideal for maintaining core strength and mobility

Intermediate Pilates –for the experienced Pilates’s practitioner who wants more
burn! Make sure you have the beginner level under your belt, and then add in a selection
of intermediate work.

Stretch & Strengthen (hip opening) – Betsy’s “bespoke blend” of stretch and strength is based on 30+ years of teaching both Yoga and Pilates.  This SS class will focus on mobilising the body generally with specific focus on the hips

Stretch & Strengthen (shoulder releasing) – This SS class will focus on improving overall flexibility with specific focus on releasing tension in the shoulders and neck

Rise & Shine – Sun salutation is a flowing and energizing sequence of exercises for the whole body. It’s ideal first thing in the morning, and also good to do any time of day!

3 Guided relaxations – you’ve worked on your physical health, now use these 15 minutes of
guided relaxation and breathing to take care of your mental health – it and you are worth it.

If you would like more information on any of the classes that are available, please don’t hesitate to Contact Betsy on 07922 439 165 with any questions.