Private Pilates or Yoga Sessions

The Bespoke Studio is now fully open again!

Private studio sessions now available again

Online sessions are still available.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Flexible!


Private Sessions are available in Pilates, Yoga or in Betsy’s “Bespoke blend” (Yoga & Pilates) for individuals or pairs.

Each initial private session will begin with an introduction to Betsy’s anatomical skeleton (Guern!).  Movements that are taught in classes (e.g. spinal articulation) are often more easily understood by looking at a life-sized anatomical model first.

Private sessions are recommended for people with certain medical conditions or for those who are returning to exercise after injury or after a long break.  Often after 1 or 2 private sessions a person will be ready to join a group class.

Some people choose to do private sessions on a regular basis over attending a larger group class.  The more individual and flexible approach of an ongoing private or small group session often suits those who find it difficult to commit to blocks of group classes.

Pilates is ideally taught 1-1 or in small groups.  An introductory private session prior to attending a larger group class (maximum of 12) is very beneficial for many.  For people with certain medical conditions an initial private session to assess suitability for attending a larger group class is essential.  Alternatively, students progressing on to a more challenging Pilates class will find a private session helps them transition more easily.

Yoga and the “Bespoke Blend” taught privately gives people the chance to explore elements of their practice in more depth than a group class allows.  Some people benefit more from guidance in areas such as relaxation in a private setting.  Others might find they are physically limited and are more comfortable working on an individual or small group basis.

If you would like more information or to book any of the sessions that are available, please don’t hesitate to Contact Betsy on 07922 439 165 with any questions.