Having signed up for a Yoga and Pilates Retreat earlier this year, I was in a panic about not having done any Pilates for a few years and worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up, then a flier popped through my door, just at the right time, and I found Betsy!
She offered me a “quick refresher” course on a one-to-one basis on the reformer to gt me “retreat ready” and I haven’t looked back.
Her enthusiasm and expertise are infectious, she encourages me to push myself while still feeling I am in control of how much I am doing.
After just a few weeks I was ready for my retreat and the instructor there commented on my good technique.
I have continued to have one-to-one sessions on the reformer as well as joining a mat class and I feel much better in myself for it.
My posture is better, I sleep better and I feel much more flexible.
there are many Pilates classes in my area – mostly run by fitness instructors who have studied Pilates as an “add-on” to their own qualifications.  Betsy is the real deal and is a fully trained and qualified Pilates and Yoga instructor – the difference is immediately obvious when you attend one of her classes.
I’m so glad I found Betsy and I hope to train under her guidance for many years to come.

North Berwick May 8, 2017