“Before I started doing yoga and Pilates with Betsy I was in a right old state with my neck and shoulder. A year ago I couldn’t even lift the shopping out of the back of the car and now I am a new woman, I can do virtually any activity I like with ease. It’s all down to Betsy’s classes. Betsy remembers your name; she remembers which bits of your body to treat with care, and gives you options to make sure you exercise to your ability. She builds you up slowly and encourages you to try. With her beautiful American/Scottish accent she gently steers you in the right direction. Betsy is a special teacher as she cares about every single person who comes to her classes, and in turn she gains love and respect back from them. I trusted her with my aching body and now, to my amazement, I can raise my hands at a Bruce Springsteen concert and clap along for hours! Thank you Betsy!


May 1, 2017