“Having practiced both yoga and Pilates with Betsy for over a year I can recommend both/either. Each have their specific benefits; Pilates for core strengthening and yoga for flexibility and relaxation. I have enjoyed both. Pilates is quite a work out and, if you are up for it, you can really go for it and feel the burn! Yoga is more subtle but for me the improved flexibility and joint opening has been hugely beneficial. The back pain that used to be a regular part of life has just about disappeared. That’s got to be worth a few pounds a week of anyone’s money! With both disciplines Betsy encourages you to work to your “edge”. There is no sense of competition – you just do what is right for you on any given day. Classes have a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and there are ladies and gents in both, so no reason for you fellas not to attend. Betsy is gentle and knowledgeable and her soft American accent is just perfect for instruction and particularly guided relaxation.”

Guernsey gal!

April 3, 2017