Lynne – “fantastic!”

“After suffering a back sprain in January, I received physiotherapy. However, this wasn’t working quite as comprehensively as I’d hoped. I saw Betsy’s advertisement of Pilates courses in our local newsletter and decided to give it a try. Well – the 1:1 sessions on the Reformer have done more for my back than anything else. The evening classes have improved it even more too. Betsy’s attention to her clients takes some beating and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Just so sorry that we are going to lose her due to her move back to Edinburgh.” 



“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Pilates/Yoga blend class last night! I really liked the mix of yoga and Pilates! And you explain things so well – which makes it really easy to follow! And it was so nice stretching again after having the summer off!!

Whitchurch Hill


“Betsy is an inspired – and inspiring – teacher. She is the perfect mix of encouragement, focus, discipline and fun. Her classes are stretching in all senses of the word, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s a true professional, and she really cares about her students. Also, Betsy offers classes on The Reformer, if you want to be even more challenged. Before her classes, I never knew I had a “power house”. Now I can’t live without it!



“I contacted Betsy because I have been out of touch with my body for years, overweight and was facing some serious surgery. She was so encouraging and inspiring from the very beginning. I had one to one classes with her where she carefully assessed my abilities and created a routine on her “reformer” which took me through from a complete beginner to one who really enjoys and benefits form Pilates. I loved my time with her. She truly gives a “Bespoke” service which is quite unique. I am so sorry she is leaving Goring and highly recommend her.”



“I started Pilates (following a couple of recommendations) because of problems with a slipped disc and I experienced a significant improvement very quickly. I much enjoy the Pilates sessions with Betsy. She is very engaging, explains the process and knows just how much to push you and I highly recommend her approach. I can see and feel the improvement. GO FOR IT!!!


Rebecca, very satisfied customer

“I am absolutely gutted that Betsy is moving north, I know I’m not going to find another class like hers. I’ve done a lot of Pilates in the past & spent years looking for the perfect class & I finally found it with Betsy. She made me so much stronger and even brought my post-3 kids abdominals back in line. If you have the chance to work with her then do it.” 

East Ilsley


“Betsy has been an excellent, kind and patient teacher. I had never done Pilates before and wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was someone who inspired me to want to exercise and learn. There was always carrot, never stick! Having had twelve sessions with Betsy I was ready to book more but, unfortunately for me, she is relocating to Scotland. I recommend Betsy to all age groups – she has helped my back enormously – and to anyone interested in Pilates and getting themselves fitter and more supple. She really is the best of teachers. I wish her every success in Scotland and have no doubt that she will soon be very busy.”



“Betsy teaches with great expertise and professionalism, while making the classes fun and informal. She instinctively knows people’s needs and limits, pushing us – but never too far. I have never known a teacher with such skill and commitment – England’s loss is Scotland’s gain!”


Jenny – age 70

“Betsy is one special lady! She is a gifted, conscientious, knowledgeable teacher and in her classes you are left in no doubt that you are an individual about whose progress and welfare she cares very deeply. Her welcoming smile and her gentle, easy sense of humour create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you want to keep coming back for more. But the physical improvement will have you hooked pretty quickly anyway. I felt the benefit of her expertise and encouragement almost immediately. My legs were stronger and I was walking much better despite an arthritic knee. In short, Betsy and Pilates is a winning combination! Lucky, lucky Scotland! EXTRA TIP: I found it really beneficial to have a one to one session first and if you can do some individual reformer classes your progress will storm along!”

Whitchurch Hill

Jane, age 73 – 65+ Pilates

As one who is in the autumn of her years, I was delighted to find that Betsy offered a pilates class for over 65’s. I joined a group who wanted to keep their bodies as supple and active for as long as possible. Betsy has been brilliant. She’s been patient, encouraging and made us work hard and our classes have always been fun. I personally feel as fit as anyone in their 50’s now and it’s with great sadness that we are losing her to Scotland. She’ll be missed but I wish her every success with the new challenges ahead.


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