John and Cecilia, ages 82 & 75

“How lucky we have been to meet and be exercised by Betsy for the last four months. The range of movements that Betsy gets one to undertake are taxing but beneficial to the body and can be fun! We will miss you and hope that your move to Scotland will be kind to you both and that your business continues to prosper.”



 “Before I started doing yoga and Pilates with Betsy I was in a right old state with my neck and shoulder. A year ago I couldn’t even lift the shopping out of the back of the car and now I am a new woman, I can do virtually any activity I like with ease. It’s all down to Betsy’s classes. Betsy remembers your name; she remembers which bits of your body to treat with care, and gives you options to make sure you exercise to your ability. She builds you up slowly and encourages you to try. With her beautiful American/Scottish accent she gently steers you in the right direction. Betsy is a special teacher as she cares about every single person who comes to her classes, and in turn she gains love and respect back from them. I trusted her with my aching body and now, to my amazement, I can raise my hands at a Bruce Springsteen concert and clap along for hours! Thank you Betsy!


Diana, age 89 – 65+ Pilates

“Ode to Betsy… Seven ladies lying on the lawn, legs aloft, just like newly borns, none too young and some too old, but keen as mustard and oh so bold. We’re sad to see dear Betsy go and gathered here to tell her so. And now this class are come together to see her off to the Scottish heather.



“I always walk out of a yoga/pilates class with Betsy feeling a bit taller, as if every part of my body has been wonderfully stretched and feeling so much better within myself. Tuesdays were always one of the highlights of my week and I cannot highly enough recommend a Betsy class.”

Alloa, Scotland


“I have attended yoga classes with Betsy for over 5 years during which I went on a mind and body expedition. From cat to camel I have found new depths of focus and increased mindfulness and flexibility. Her warm and light hearted approach made every class a pleasure rather than a chore.”

Alloa, Scotland


“I have been attending Betsy’s yoga and more recently Pilates classes for over 4 years. My flexibility, suppleness and body awareness have improved greatly through attending her classes. Betsy always encourages her pupils to ‘push’ themselves that little bit further, but at the same time to ‘listen to your body’ and only do what is right for you. She demonstrates every move and posture, and has endless patience. She notes each individual pupil’s needs/ability and will, where necessary, adapt movements to suit. Her classes are extremely focused, but also warm and friendly.”

Alloa, Scotland


“Betsy’s classes are wonderful. She explains how to do poses clearly and always takes each person’s individual needs into consideration. She is an excellent communicator with her pupils and relates to each one on a personal level. Her sense of fun comes across in her classes and she always brings new ideas and interesting thoughts when we begin relaxation. She creates a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere during relaxation. I really miss her classes!”

Alloa, Scotland


“I have to say that I’ll miss your classes when you do go, your excellent attitude, personality and professionalism is in a joy to behold. People with your talent and people skills are few and far between. I’ve enjoyed every class you’ve taken and will miss you when you go, hopefully I’ll get to a class before you go!”

Alloa, Scotland


“Many thanks for this Betsy; as I said after the class it was the most enjoyable Yoga session I have ever been to. I have suffered with lower back pain in the past, brought on primarily by playing right wing on the hockey pitch! Looking forward to next week.”



“Doing the combination of yoga and Pilates with someone who understands both disciplines and builds a unique complimentary combination has been a revelation! My body feels in better shape than it has for almost 30 years! Thank you =8-{ )”


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