“Just want to say that the way I feel after your classes Betsy is like a refreshed new person, both mentally and physically. It’s just wonderful!”



“I have found the early morning Yoga/Pilates sessions a great way to start the working day – the feel good factor from a combination of having done some exercise and having a sense of relaxation. Whilst I have done yoga before the combination with Pilates is new for me and has helped to strengthen my core muscles and improved my posture.”



“I had never tried Yoga before attending Betsy’s classes and really feel the benefit. From early lessons I was more aware of how to sit and stand correctly and feel it does help with relaxing. You work hard and even those stretches that seem impossible, you find you manage to get a little nearer as time progresses. I would recommend the classes to anyone.”



“As a more senior member of the yoga class I needed Betsy’s wise encouragement to persevere! I now feel I have really benefitted physically and psychologically from the friendly and relaxed sessions, and the link up with Pilates has definitely improved my posture and the understanding of my body. Thank you Betsy!”



“Attending the classes has added 10metres onto my golf shots!”


Nicky – “Pot of gold!”

“Betsy – THANK YOU!! Am LOVING the classes – even, finally, the Pilates (MOST of the time!!) – thanks for your unswerving encouragement and helping me to persevere with the Pilates (greatly needed!!) – really feel like I’m starting to reap the benefit, and your soothing, calming voice in the yoga relaxation – well, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!”



“Having practiced both yoga and Pilates with Betsy for over a year I can recommend both/either. Each have their specific benefits; Pilates for core strengthening and yoga for flexibility and relaxation. I have enjoyed both. Pilates is quite a work out and, if you are up for it, you can really go for it and feel the burn! Yoga is more subtle but for me the improved flexibility and joint opening has been hugely beneficial. The back pain that used to be a regular part of life has just about disappeared. That’s got to be worth a few pounds a week of anyone’s money! With both disciplines Betsy encourages you to work to your “edge”. There is no sense of competition – you just do what is right for you on any given day. Classes have a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and there are ladies and gents in both, so no reason for you fellas not to attend. Betsy is gentle and knowledgeable and her soft American accent is just perfect for instruction and particularly guided relaxation.”

Guernsey gal!


“Betsy is inspirational and encouraging. For the first time in my life I have actually enjoyed getting fitter, making new friends and rolling like a ball! We will all really miss you! Your classes are very enjoyable and I feel more bendy than I have for years!!”


Sarah & Holli

“I have been doing pilates, yoga and gym classes for about 25 years. I have so enjoyed Betsy’s classes and how she encourages you to push yourself to the next level. My daughter (16) started the classes to help strengthen her back and improve posture problems since attending she has had no back pain. Which is marvelous. We will be very sorry to see Betsy leave Guernsey. But where ever Betsy holds her classes in the future they will find her very knowledgeable and gain so much from the practice.”



“I am so so sorry to hear that you are going back to the UK. I think it’s a massive loss for Guernsey, for I am sure, if it was not for your amazing way of teaching, I would not have enjoyed and benefited from Pilates as much as I have. Thank you again for all that you have taught me, it has made such a difference to the way I move and my neck and shoulders have never felt so good! I cannot recommend you more and just wish you were staying in Guernsey.”


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