“Betsy is a wonderful teacher, she has a very calming influence which means you immediately feel relaxed in her presence. When I fell pregnant I immediately told Betsy in confidence, as I was unsure as to whether I should continue with yoga classes or not, as my pregnancy at the time was considered to be high risk. Betsy reassured me that she could tailor my yoga positions so that I could continue to practice yoga in a safe environment, she did all of this very subtly throughout the class so that my fellow class mates were none the wiser of my pregnancy, until the second trimester when I felt ready to announce the news. I am so glad that I continued with yoga throughout my pregnancy as I am sure it was the reason that I had a quick and easy labor. I also feel that the yoga enabled me to bounce back from birth very quickly so that I was ready to be a new Mummy! Betsy I will really miss you.”

Guernsey – New Mummy


“I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to be part of your pilates class and although I was a little sceptical at first I am now a true believer in the benefits of pilates. It has improved my all round fitness and core strength. Your style of teaching is excellent because although you get through a lot of good work in every class you also make it a fun experience and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every class.”

Senion Manager, Guernsey


“As they say, success is the fruit of personal effort. For me and Pilates it has been down to your support, encouragement and superb tuition. Thank you! I hope that I will continue to reap the rewards that Pilates has already brought me.”



“Betsy told me she was a Pilates and Yoga Instructor and had just moved to the Island and wanted to set up classes. I suggested come down to La Grande Mare and use our Studio. I soon received lots of feedback from the members. Betsy was so busy she generated a waiting list. By this time we then decided to add 2 more classes to the timetable. Everyone that participated in her classes will miss her including myself as we developed a good friendship. I would recommend Betsy to anyone wishing to start Pilates or deciding to continue at a more advanced level.”

La Grande Mare Health Centre Manager, Guernsey


“Following a hip replacement I joined Betsy’s Bespoke Blend class first, then her Pilates class. I am so pleased with my extra mobility and strength. Betsy was always aware of how much to do. Even my golf has improved.”



“I have been to the gym and yoga classes for over 15 years and Betsy suggested Pilates as a combination of the two. Pilates has now become a part of my weekly routine. Betsy has steered me through level 1 and 2 within a year by infectious enthusiasm, great knowledge of the subject and hard work.”



“Just wanted to say how much Lydia and I are enjoying our yoga with you on Tuesday evenings. The class is relaxed and so easy to follow yet with a real sense of progress week to week. Thank you very much.”

Whitchurch Hill, Oxfordshire


“When you have a trusted hairdresser and feel that if they moved you’d want to follow….well Betsy falls into that category for me! Her yoga and Pilates classes are conducted in a relaxed and friendly environment. You feel confident knowing that she is watching you, encouraging and helping you to do the exercises safely…. always helping you to progress. Being as knowledgeable and experienced as she is enables her to create different classes that are interesting with exercises that compliment each other perfectly. This results in you feeling the benefits and healthier for doing her classes each time.”



“Betsy has been brilliant fitting my husband and myself in for private and class Pilates sessions. She explains the moves so clearly and enables and encourages you to do the exercises correctly. She is very knowledgeable with back issues. Within a couple of sessions our bad backs faded and it’s now up to us to continue the good work she has started with us. I have done Pilates for ten years and Betsy is easily the best teacher I have had, I would throughly recommend her to anyone and to all ages.”



“Having suffered with back problems for a several years I had often thought that taking up a Pilates class might be a good idea but never got round to it until by good chance Betsy started up her classes in Goring Heath Parish Hall. I am so glad she did as I have been amazed at the difference just one hour a week has made not only to my back but to the flexibility of my whole body.”

Whitchurch Hill, Oxfordshire

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