Cherry, age 79 – 65+ Pilates

“Guernsey’s Loss – Goring’s Gain! I have been attending Betsy’s Over 65 Class since it started at the beginning of 2015. I had always been interested in Pilates but thought I had left it much too late to join an exercise class. However, when I read about the new Over 65 Class I plucked up my courage and signed up. Betsy makes everything seem possible and ensures that everyone feels comfortable and safe. She encourages one to do the best they can and praises every small improvement. A Born Teacher!”

Whitchurch Hill


“Secret to a good night’s sleep – I have been enjoying Betsy’s yoga classes in Goring and Goring Heath since November. There is a lovely relaxed atmosphere and every session is different which keeps the classes interesting and challenging. Betsy’s a very experienced teacher and has a real enthusiasm for yoga, Pilates and their benefits to health and well-being. I always know that I will have a wonderful, deep sleep after a class and I will wake up feeling refreshed. Thank you Betsy for your wonderful classes.”



“Thanks to Betsy’s calm approach, relaxation is made easy. Betsy’s thorough knowledge and ability to teach us all at an individual level within the group has given me the confidence to push myself that little bit further. Yoga is now an essential part on my weekly routine. It helps me sleep better, relax more and gets rid of all those little aches and pains! Thanks Betsy!”

Whitchurch Hill


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my yoga with Betsy. She is a great teacher and has helped me become a little more flexible and relaxed!”

Whitchurch Hill


“I absolutely love Betsy’s yoga classes and I am very sad that she has to move back to Scotland. I like her teaching style as she takes you through every single movement explaining how it should be done. Her relaxation techniques are unbelievable! I witnessed people falling asleep and even snoring after 2 minutes 🙂 I was probably one of them! Betsy is a wonderful, very experienced yoga teacher and generally a really nice person. I hope she will come back to Goring very soon!!! You will be missed.”



“I have so appreciated all of your classes and learn so much – you will be really missed. Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm and really clear inspirational teaching. You have helped me achieve a level of core strength and fitness I would not have believed possible when starting Pilates later in life. I do hope you will settle quickly into your new life in Scotland and will quickly establish your classes there. We will all really miss you here. With very many thanks…”

Dorothy & Sandra

“An Ode to Betsy… Betsy, you managed to make yoga fun, Even while making a Salutation to the Sun, You have the ability to share a rare gift. Of helping people and giving lives a lift. We couldn’t let you leave without knowing, That we really wish you weren’t going, Throughout your travels wherever you are, There are people in Glasgow who think, YOU’RE A STAR!”


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