Pilates Reformer

Many people are unaware that Pilates is often taught on apparatus other than the mat. The Reformer is one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in Pilates studios. It was invented by Joseph Pilates, the founder of this complete movement system. The Reformer has a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it called the carriage which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to springs that offer different levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. Straps are used for leg and arm work and a box placed on the Reformer is also used for exercises.

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The Reformer will complement the mat based Pilates Betsy already offers. With this specialised piece of equipment a much wider range of exercises become accessible to individuals with specific needs or goals enabling them to progress more quickly. The Reformer is extremely versatile and suitable for all. Exercises are done in wide range of positions giving the practitioner a full body work out. As in all Pilates exercises the Reformer exercises promote length and strength in the body and improve flexibility and balance. With regular practice clients will feel these improvements in their body and  daily life.

Betsy is a fully qualified comprehensive Pilates teacher having completed over 450 hours of training and is a full member of the Pilates Teachers Association. This qualifies her to teach on all Pilates apparatus. Combining this with her other health promotion experience ensures that you get a tailor made Bespoke Approach!

To book or for further information please contact Betsy on 07922 439 165 or email her at betsy@thebespokeapproach.com.


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