“Betsy is a wonderful teacher, she has a very calming influence which means you immediately feel relaxed in her presence. When I fell pregnant I immediately told Betsy in confidence, as I was unsure as to whether I should continue with yoga classes or not, as my pregnancy at the time was considered to be high risk. Betsy reassured me that she could tailor my yoga positions so that I could continue to practice yoga in a safe environment, she did all of this very subtly throughout the class so that my fellow class mates were none the wiser of my pregnancy, until the second trimester when I felt ready to announce the news. I am so glad that I continued with yoga throughout my pregnancy as I am sure it was the reason that I had a quick and easy labor. I also feel that the yoga enabled me to bounce back from birth very quickly so that I was ready to be a new Mummy! Betsy I will really miss you.”

Guernsey – New Mummy

April 3, 2017