“I joined Betsy’s Pilates Beginners classes in early 2015 following an injury to my lower back. The intention was to develop better core strength to avoid repeatedly hurting myself. Since starting I have found that I really enjoy the classes and look forward to Wednesday evenings. I have tried to analyse what it is that makes the classes so enjoyable and ended up with the following reasons, they are not is order of preference as I don’t think I have one so take your pick about what is important to you. 1) Having started classes through injury, Betsy has made sure that whatever exercise I do, the injury is taken into consideration so as to avoid making it worse. There are others in the class with joint/injury concerns and these are also taken into account. This shows a high level of awareness from Betsy to each of her students. 2) The classes are FUN, while you will work hard there is always a sense that what ever it is you are doing, however hard you are finding it, it is fun. 3) The beginners classes follow a set routine so you do much the same exercises each week, this means you can see that you are improving, exercises that you really struggled with at the beginning become noticeably easier and your technique improves. 4) As you improve and feel you want to be challenged further, Betsy runs “Improver” classes. I am not ready for those yet. 5) The classes are small so there is enough time for each person to get some 1-2-1 attention, having done other group exercise classes this I feel is important. 6) There is good mix of men and women, I don’t know but I think this may be unusual. So don’t worry about being the only male in the class. So, take your pick. Those are the reasons I enjoy the classes, would I recommend them to my best friend? Yes I would.””

Upper Basildon

May 1, 2017