Dr Wannacott

“I have spent close to 2 years building up from Foundation to Level 2 Pilates. Betsy’s teaching has been excellent and the classes have been good fun with jolly repartee between those present without being competitive – everyone works to their own potential. All in all it has been great fun and the whole class is sorry that Betsy has to move back to the UK – I cannot recommend her skills and approach highly enough.?”


Zoe, Lucia & Debbie

“We undertook Pilates under the tuition of Betsy for approx. 7 months and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. With 2 novices and 1 rusty Pilates student, Betsy had her work cut out but was accommodating for the levels within our Group and had the patience of a saint! Zoe has scoliosis and part of her back had been fused via an operation over 5 years ago, so movement was not as free as the rest of us. Betsy went out of her way to learn about the condition and adapt the classes to assist Zoe with movement within her capabilities. We wish Betsy all the best in her new venture and will miss our Monday night classes away from the family (over an hour of peace and quiet and me time)!”



“Betsy, thank you for your patience and encouragement which has helped a complete beginner to understand and enjoy Pilates. I will really miss the classes and would not hesitate in recommending them to others. Best wishes in the future”



“As a senior citizen, I have found Betsy’s yoga classes to be of immense benefit. Her gentle and patient approach to teaching has helped me enormously with flexibility and to think about breathing and stretching correctly. I would strongly recommend Betsy’s yoga classes (which are so friendly) to anyone regardless of age. She is going to be sorely missed in Guernsey.”

Grateful Guernsey pupil


“I am so going to miss Betsy’s classes, she made them so enjoyable…I feel I have truly accomplished something under Betsy’s guidance. I have had a dodgy lower back for several years and always took the anti-inflammatory tablets and pain killers each year on the annual skiing holiday…so I enrolled in Betsy’s classes. It took a while, with me attending the Beginners course of classes more then once. But Betsy gave me the confidence to move on to the Improver classes, and I can honestly say that my 2014 skiing was pain free, my fitness had improved and I kept up with my husband on the slopes, just! At 60 years plus, and for any age, I wholeheartedly recommend Betsy’s Pilates classes. She is a lovely lady who will make you feel most welcome.”  


Helen & Andy

“My physio recommended Pilates for my bad back caused by a weak core and not helped by my being a fencer. My first step was to find out what it was. Betsy were highly recommended to me and so my daughter and I had a private session. Betsy gave a great introduction to both understand Pilates and her bespoke approach . We subsequently did 3 sets of classes with her and were disappointed when she had to move away with her husband. The classes have done wonders for my back and provided a very entertaining way of keeping fit. My daughter also enjoyed them immensely and they do appeal to all levels and ages.”



“I have really enjoyed your Pilate’s classes (and the Yoga which I have attended on a few occasions), after hurting my back your calm and consistent method of teaching, together with your experience, patience and understanding have helped immensely in strengthening my back and giving me the confidence and mobility to return to golf, which was my ultimate goal. I will miss you and your classes, still can’t quite believe your leaving! Your future pupils are very lucky and I wish you the very best in your new adventure.”



“Betsy conducted a corporate session of blended yoga and Pilates for a PR event for Healthspan in Guernsey. In the session there were 15 prominent UK health writers and journalists writing for leading newspapers and women’s magazines. Betsy is a professional and made everyone feel at ease whilst tailoring the session to match the capabilities and experience of the class. The journalists loved the session, leaving it feeling energised and ready for the day.”

Healthspan Brand Manager, Guernsey


“Sorry to hear you will no longer be doing the classes. You are a very good teacher and a brilliant advertisement of how Pilates can make you long and lean, not to mention abs of steel!”



“I am really sorry to hear your news, especially as i am a relatively new pupil. I will miss your classes as I have enjoyed then immensely and I feel that they have been so beneficial to my back and pelvic problems.”


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